Employees should have the opportunity to share in the value they create for their company’s shareholders.

Our mission is to improve the way start-up employees are paid by unlocking the value of their equity compensation in a way that benefits all key players: the shareholder, the company, and the investor.

Why are employees so important to Inside IPO?

This must be accomplished in a manner that keeps the focus on company growth, the number one priority for all stakeholders.

How does this benefit you?

Investors that previously couldn’t access late-stage private companies due to investment minimums, can now invest in private growth companies.

What type of backing does Inside IPO have?

IPO Investments is backed by leading venture capital investors (Dave McClure’s 500 Start-ups, WorldQuant Ventures to name a couple), sovereign wealth funds, family offices, wealth managers, and influential investors from Finance, Venture, Law around the world.

Here are some of the companies that have provided access to their IPO.